Nuts - Bad Customer Service

Paducah, Kentucky 0 comments

I had made several orders from this company.It's very expensive and they charge shipping on top.

The have an organic line so I did it anyway. I always choose standard shipping and they always shipped to me via FedEx, so it was fine. However, my last order was shipping via the post office. Not cool at all.

I wrote to them to find out why all of the sudden they used the USPS. They said it was the weight. Well, I would have chosen another shipping method had I had any idea that was the deal, but no where does it tell you that. And how the heck would I know how much the package it going to weigh.

Any way, try as I might, they were complete jerks about it, and their customer service was non-existent. Oh yes, "I'm sorry", well as we all know this is BS, and it does nothing for anyone. I will find another store to get my organic goodies from.

I have to time to have people I'm paying be jerks to me.They were really obtuse and just refused to under

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